Here you can find building reports of isolated buildings and other on my railway shown decorations.
Please, understand that I do not have much pictures of each project, because on older projects, I have not thought about a good photographic documentation.

General Facts

ballast car self made

ballast car picture

Actually, it was planned to "feed" my bunker from his top with goods.
But then I have already the same princip like the rest of my railway and this would have been too boring.
Now, I remembered that there is no possibility to rank, what really is the most fun...


industrial lanterns self made

lantern picture

As a student you have, as is well known no much money and have to dispense to a lot of things.
I mean, you cannot have too much money, but the waiver have not to be. It can be compensate with time and creativity.
Also with this selfbuild industrial lanterns...


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